Your bicycle was Professionally serviced using SCC SLICK. To extend service life and keep your drivetrain looking clean do the following: 

Every once in a while when you get back from a ride and your drive train looks a little greasy or dirty complete the following:

  • Shift into the big ring on the front and your smallest cog on your cassette

  • With a clean rag give your chain a simple wipe down 

  • Be sure to carefully wipe the derailuer pulleys, chain rings and cassette

  • Do not reapply unless you feel a decrease in peformance or if your chain is making noise

  • This should take less than a minute

COmplete application instructions below: 

  • Precleaning your chain is only necessary if there is  excessive build up and is tacky to the touch. If you decide to preclean we suggest using something non-toxic like simple green 

  • Apply a small drop of SCC SLICK to each link 

  • Back Pedal 20-30 times

  • Wait a few minutes

  • Thoroughly wipe your chain, derailleur pulley wheels and chain-rings - SCC SLICK contains a highly effective detergent element that goes to work straight away floating contamination to the surface, so the more you wipe the better 

  • Ride your bike - The more you ride the better SCC SLICK performs. As you ride the torque and friction you generate will allow SCC SLICK to work further into the chain floating more contamination to the surface. This allows SCC SLICK's lubricating properties to work deeper into the micro-crevices of your chain, improving drivetrain performance overtime

  • Following your ride, without reapplying, give your drivetrain a quick wipe down. Doing this will remove and contamination that floated to the surface of your chain during your ride. A quick wipe down should only be necessary following the first one or two rides, after that your drivetrain will stay clean from ride to ride

  • Reapply approximately every 25 riding/pedaling hours or sooner if you feel a decrease in performance or if your chain begins to make noise


  • If you are having any issues or have additional questions we encourage you to visit our FAQs page or you can email us at  

    watch the instructional video below