Crit Whit

Garnett Whitmire A.K.A Crit Whit is motivated to ride for more than just fun, he rides with a vision: 

"To actively influence and impact communities through cycling. Reshaping someone's tomorrow."

Cycling Discipline(s): Road
Favorite Quote: "Looking down is training while looking up is therapy."



Crit Whit's Thoughts on SCC SLICK: "SCC TECH's very own, SCC Slick is phenomenal. As an avid cyclist and cycling vlogger, SCC Slick has truly blown my mind. Using wet lube before and never seen results of this caliber. Additionally and recently using a wax lube getting used to having gunk buildup in the chain and having to work tremendously hard to remove it. SCC TECH's SCC Slick has relieved me of that extra unnecessary stress. SCC Slick is truly a revolutionary product and a time saving essential. Thank You SCC TECH!!!"


Day Job: US NAVY


Instagram:  @crit.whit

Learn more about Crit Whit:  YouTube, Strava, Facebook


Crit Whit's Goods of Choice: Spinergy Wheels, Union Sport, JL Velo, FORZE


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