2018 Race results: 

Pisgah stage race 4th open women 
OMBC Mohican 1st open women
OMBC Scioto trails 1st open womens
OMBC Vultures knob 1st open women
NUE True Grit 100k 10th open women
NUE Big Frog 65 1st open women
NUE Mohican 100k 3rd open women
NUE Iron Mtn 100k 4th open women
NUE Tatanka 2nd open women
Black fork gravel grinder 1st age group, 1st overall woman and QOM for hill climb
Pisgah productions 111k 1st open women
Pisgah productions 55k 3rd open women
Nite Rider Gravel Grinder- 1st open women
NUE Pierre's Hole 100k- 4th Open women
OMBC Westbranch- 1st open women
OMBC Dillon- 1st open women
2018 overall OMBC women's Pro champion
Currently tied for lead of NUE marathon series with two races left