"Killer product! I feel like I've used just about every chain lube under the sun. I have my favorites but they've taken time to get used to. The first time I applied SCC Slick to my already dirty chain, it ran for over 130 miles, smooth and silent. I've never had this good of luck with other lubes."                                                     
- Kevin Day

(Professional Mountain Bike Racer, Cross Racer, Gravel Racer)

"The official lube of Moab and dry condition riding. Got this stuff, followed application instructions, rode noise/dirt free for an amazingly long time. I’m a bit OCD so I have no idea how long this stuff will last because my threshold for cleaning is ten rides MAX! I can tell you it’s at least triple what any other premium lube on the market has given me!" 
- Andy Platt 
(28 years of MTB experience, Race Organizer, 10+ years Moab area resident)
"I have been on this lube for a full season. The majority of it being in dry/dusty conditions on the mountainbike. What I have found is that the lubricity lasts longer than the previous chain lubes in dry conditions. I initially started using too much as I am used to lower quality lube and needing to apply every ride. This is a premium lube that lasts longer and longer the more you apply it in small amounts. Overall, I use much less of this and experience much better performance compared to other products. I have used this in muddy wet conditions and long/wet road rides and am equally impressed in those conditions. The reason I will continue to use this lube is simple. It works better. Its like a cold Colorado IPA compared to a warm PBR. Its a no-brainer!"
- Aaron Crowder

(Owner/Athlete at Highligners MTB)

"Tired of your lube not lasting on that dusty long gravel ride? Sick of lubing your chain almost every ride. Want a lube that doesn’t get washed away with a little rain or a creek crossing or two? We’ll get yourself some SCC TECH Slick chain lube. Earlier this summer I was desperately looking for a lube that would last an entire gravel race. A tried and tested lube I had used for years just wasn’t cutting it. I’d have a terribly loud and dry drivetrain after only around 40 miles. With SCC Slick, I can put in at least 200 miles of dry and dusty mixed surface conditions on one application. On the road bike, I used to lube almost every ride. Since starting to use SCC slick two and a half months ago, I’ve reapplied once, easily
getting more than 500 miles on one application. I’m sold on this stuff. I’ve put it on all my bikes and couldn’t be happier. You only use a small amount per application and it lasts and lasts. Get excited for this stuff hitting the shelves soon."
- Andrew McCloskey,

(Team Member Park City Bike Racing & Professional Ambassador)

  "By far the best chain lube. Just a little bit of this lube goes a long way."
- Matt Pavlin A.K.A Mister One Calf

(Athlete for Highligners MTB)

"Once I tried the SCC Tech lube I was hooked on it. It's been the chain lube I've been searching for, long lasting and you don't need to apply it ever ride. I can lube my chain once in ever 5 rides, no noise and runs smooth."
"I have used many different lubricants to lube my bike chains over the years, most "bicycle-specific" and a few that were general lubricants. None of them optimally solved the typical trade-off of long-term lubricating capability vs ability to maintain a clean drivetrain. They all either lubed ok but made the drivetrain a gunky mess, kept the drivetrain pretty clean but didn't lube very well or didn't last very long, and a couple that didn't seem to do either one very well! As a mechanical engineer, it seemed there had to be a better way. Then I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a sample of SCC Slick lube to try. I have finally found a lube that seems to do the impossible...lubricating well, lasting incredibly long, and keeping the drivetrain fantastically clean, requiring only a wipe down with a clean rag to remove any surface grime. The combination of lubricating properties and extreme pressure additives, detergents and dispersants to keep the drivetrain clean and moving the grime to the surface to make it easy to wipe off makes this the lube of choice for all the conditions I have subjected it to. I race 4 hour/50mi endurance MTB races and no other product goes the distance the way SCC Slick does, and is easier to get the drivetrain back to squeaky clean and ready to tackle the next adventure with. I'm hooked!"
 "Absolutely love this lube and the idea/tech behind it. Long lasting, doesn't get filthy or gunked up - low maintenance and awesome!"

- Nate Bird, Retired Pro Mountain Biker & Current 'Dad of The Year' Participant

"I picked up a sample bottle and have used it on my bikes (mountain, road and gravel) and have been really impressed with how it has performed in the dry dusty conditions we have in UT. Easy to apply with NO build up and runs quiet and smooth far longer than I’ve expected. Thanks for the excellent product!"

-Ryan Kushman

"Definitely the best lube I've come across. I've had two wet gravel races, 3 cross weekends and two weeks of rainy commutes on my first application. Chain was still smooth and just getting the littlest hint of needing to be re-lubed. Just wiped the chain with a clean rag after each ride. Trouble free and easy to use."

- Austin Walker

"After applying SCC Slick to my mountain bike, I rode the same dusty trail that previously made my chain squeak. No sound at all this time! I look forward to many more quiet miles."

- Debra Adam

"Best stuff I’ve ever used, and having worked in a bike shop I’ve used a lot. This stuff lasts multiple rides in rough conditions!"

- Calvin Thompson

"I’ve been using SCC lube for MTB endurance racing all summer. This stuff lasts for my 6hr+ races and one application works for a whole week of training rides. No need to have wet and dry lube too because in any condition, it WORKS!"

- Jennifer Toops, Pro Mountain Bike Racer

"A great lube reduces friction hardly picks up any dust. It’s not often that a chain lube both sheds dust well and maintains a good level of friction reduction. I’m sold on this lube!"

- Alex Laursen,  Owner at Complete Cycling & Former Pro Team Mechanic