Why SCC Slick a "Game Changer" for Professional Bike Mechanic Alex Laursen

Over the last few weeks we’ve highlighted a few top riders who have found SCC Tech to be an effective way of preserving drivetrain cleanliness despite insane distances or adverse weather. Today we’d like to kick off our SCC Tech-nician series where we interview some of the best and most experienced bike mechanics so they can tell us in their own words why, with all of the other chain lubes on the market, they’ve chosen to use SCC Slick on their machines and recommend our product to their customers, clients and professional cycling teams. 

Today we caught up with Alex Laursen, a former mountain bike racer turned wrench who’s spent years building his own mechanic business, Complete Cycling, to support professional cycling teams and events throughout North America and the world.

Hey Alex, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today. We know you’re busy getting ready to kick off your season and gearing up to travel around the country and support a number of professional teams and races. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the cycling industry?

I started racing Mountain bikes when I was sixteen. I didn’t have money to pay someone to work on my bike so I did all of my own maintenance. I learned from different books as well as trial and error. I didn’t actually start working in the bike industry until I was twenty-five years old. I started working as a mechanic at LeRoy’s Bikeworks in Lakeland, FL. One day while watching the Tour de France I saw someone jump out and change a wheel. I thought to myself, “there is no way that person is doing that for free.” I knew I wanted to do that someday. For the last six years I have owned my own business supporting professional cycling teams and cycling events. I have worked all the major races in North America and a few events overseas.

 You must have tried so many drivetrain products over the years, when did you first use SCC Slick and what were your initial thoughts? 

Two years ago Dave Harward turned me onto the product. Like most people I was like, 'oh great, another lube.' But, once I used SCC Slick my mind was blown. It’s truly a game changing product. Not only because it lasts for the entire stage of a race, but also because you can simply wipe it off post ride and instantly have a clean chain again. It’s such a time saver. Even the riders have noticed a difference and some of them are now asking specifically for the “special lube."

Alex Laursen Complete Cycling

Did it take a few applications to appreciate it? Because SCC Slick pulls all the dirt and grime out of the chain we tell people to give it three rides to fully appreciate its effects. Can you describe the learning curve and process?

My appreciation of SCC Slick became apparent pretty quickly. I actually first used it on a rental fleet at Pedego Park City, an E-bike shop, and it made the clean up on the drive train incredibly quick and painless. When I use SCC Slick I apply a steady light stream to the inside of the chain as I pedal the bike backwards. I then let it sit for a few minutes before taking a cloth to wipe off the excess. After I finish the whole tuneup, l wipe off the excess one more time. By the time I finish the chain looks really nice and clean. 

It’s hard not to be sceptical, how do you describe SCC Slick when you tell someone about it for the first time without sounding like you’re in a bizarre cult? 

SCC Slick is a game changer. It’s the first lube I have used that feels like it actually does something different, and I mean that in the best way possible. 

We know a lot of riders are committed to their old “favorite” lube. We’ve all been there. What’s one thing you’d tell someone who’s hesitant to make the switch?

You will see the difference when you use SCC Tech for the first time. Not only will you feel the difference on your first ride, you’ll appreciate it even more the first time you clean your drivetrain.

Pro bike mechanic Alex Laursen of Complete Cycling

Ok we’re sold. Enough Tech talk, what’s your favorite ride?

I miss my East Coast riding and the trail I grew up on in Florida called Carter Road Park. The Utah riding is decent but it’s not nearly as technical as the Florida trails I grew up on. 

Some of us here can relate. If you grow up on the East Coast it’s easy to miss the trees and slipperty roots and rocks. What’s your bike of choice these days?

I currently Ride a Niner Air Nine RDO. Full rigid, full carbon. 

Nice! That’s a super fast and light bike. We’ve built up a few of those in our day. We really appreciate you taking the time to join us Alex. Good luck this season and thanks for spreading the word about that 'special lube' to all the pros. As a professional bike mechanic at the highest level your feedback and opinions truly matter, and keep driving us to our goal of creating the ultimate all conditions drivetrain treatment. Happy trails!