'Ride it Slick' Quality Microfiber Towels (4 Pack)

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"I have too many high quality shop towels" - Said No Bike Mechanic Ever!

When getting down and dirty working on a bike, who doesn't need an extra quality microfiber shop towe???

This 4 pack of 14"x14" microfiber fluffy cloth made from 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide is just what the mechanic ordered when it comes to getting your drivetrain running slick and clean. One side of has standard length pile (length of microfiber follicles) and other side has double the length of pile. This makes for an excellent tool when cleaning deep into your drivetrain. The extra pile length makes it more absorbent and much plusher than a standard microfiber, which helps in extracting every last bit of contamination and debris out of your drivetrain.  and its machine washable too, which means its good form more than just one drivetrain cleaning.