Ride the road further than ever before with uninhibited power transfer, relentlessly hammer technical trails in whatever conditions mother nature throws at you. As an intelligently designed and easy-to-use drivetrain treatment, SCC SLICK will keep you running silent clean & cool in any riding condition, on any terrain



Proceed with caution the information below is only For those special INdividuals who enjoy coin collecting and want to know more about what goes into making the ultimate all conditions drivertrain treatment 

The Formula

  • Synthetic Based Lubricant
  • Penetrant
  • Detergent
  • Dispersant
  • Special Additive

As cyclists we've been conditioned to think of chain lube as either being 'wet' or 'dry'. In princple experienced cyclist use 'wet' lube in cooler, damp conditions based on the theory that it, penetrates deeper and doesn't gunk up or attract as much debris as a 'dry' lube and is easier to clean after a day on wet roads. Cyclist tend to use 'dry' lube in hotter, dry conditions based on the theory it won't evaportate and it lasts longer in the right conditions. When we formulated SCC SLICK we decided instead of using sub-quality petroleum bi-products that are suseptible composition changes in varying weather, we decided to use a high-quality synthetic lubricant property that maintains its composition in all riding conditions.   

SCC SLICK contains a highly effective and fast acting penetrant capable of reaching the micro-crevices of your chain as small as a millionth of an inch and is able to do so almost immediately. This means SCC SLICK is able to reach deep into your chain faster and better, as where other bicycle chain products recommend waiting anywhere from 40 minutes to a full day, SCC SLICK is ready to ride in just minutes.   

SCC SLICK utilizes a special addictive that binds it's 4 components (Lubricant, Penetrant, Detergent, Dispersant) together as well as it has an affinity for metal (think of it as a chemical magnet). This special addictive allows SCC SLICK to maintain its composition regardless of weather conditions over long periods of time as well further clean and better lubricate your chain the more you ride, making it the All Conditions Drivetrain Treatment Solution    

The Application Process




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