What Qualities Define the Best Chain Lube

What Qualities Define the Best Chain Lube

What qualities make for the “best” chain lube? Is there a universal winner in all conditions? Yes.

Just like the components on your bike, chain lube technology has evolved over the years. If you’re like most riders you probably went to to your local bike shop a few years ago and asked what they recommend, or consulted your riding buddies for advice.

  • Do I need a dry lube in the summer?
  • There’s rain in the forecast, should I pack a wet lube just incase.
  • Why does my drive train make a horrible crunching sound after a few hours
You picked up something and maybe it worked well enough so you just stuck with it. It was probably stinky, sticky, waxy, or messy. Exhausted at the end of a long ride, you’d forget to clean off your black and grimy chain. “Clean your chain after every ride” was the mantra cyclists have lived by since the dawn of the sport. Every few rides you’d feel guilty, break out the degreaser and scrub your chain to remove weeks worth of filth. Ride, rinse, repeat. What if you could use one chain lube that not only worked in every condition, but cleaned your drivetrain as you rode and made degreasers a thing of the past? 

SCC Lube

SCC Slick is patented formula that sets a new standard of chain lube technology. It is comprised of a lubricant as well as a detergent that work in conjunction to keep your drivetrain smooth, while actively cleaning your chain. This isn’t another waxed based formula. There is no messy buildup and no white residue that requires hours of scraping and scrubbing to remove. Quite simply SCC Slick is the cleanest, longest lasting, chain lube on the market. With application intervals ranging from 400-600 miles, a single bottle will early last a season.