How To Apply SCC SLICK

It's Not Complicated, Just Different

Applying SCC SLICK can be summed up as: Apply Small Drop of SCC SLICK to Each Chain Link - Wipe Chain Aggressively & Thoroughly | Go For A Ride - Wipe Chain Thoroughly | Ride Again - Wipe Chain Again | Ride Yet Again - Wipe Chain Yet Again.


Notice a trend???

We suggest repeating the 'Ride - Wipe Chain' process for the first 3 to 5 rides.

Reapply SCC SLICK every 25 hours of riding (in almost any riding condition) or if you notice any sound coming from the drivetrain or a decrease in riding performance.

Pre-Cleaning or Degreasing Chain Prior to Applying SCC SLICK

SCC SLICK contains a highly effective detergent so cleaning your chain prior to application is not typically necessary. You'll notice as SCC SLICK quickly goes to work displacing contamination trapped deep in your chain, floating it to the surface, which makes it important to aggressively and throughly wipe down your chain. If properly done the clean rag you started with should be black and covered with filth!!! 






...and this is what your rag should look like after. It’s not just what you put on your chain that matters, it’s also the contamination you pull out!

By displacing and floating contamination trapped in your chain to the surface, SCC SLICK is able lubricate deeper into the mirco-crevices freeing up your chain to run near frictionless. This is why it's important with SCC SLICK to wipe aggressively and throughly for the first application, followed up with a simple wipe down of your drivetrain post ride for the first 3 or so rides (WITHOUT REAPPLYING), this allows you capture the contamination previously unseen and trapped deep within your chain that prevented your drivetrain from peforming optimally! 






For a simple instructional video tutorial please watch the video below.