Nick Dru

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Nick Dru likes to ride his bike and he's very good at it!!! 


Cycling Discipline(s): Road, XC Mountain Bike, Enduro Mountain Bike, Down Hill Mountain Bike


Nick's Mantra: "KEEP IT FUN!"



Nick's Thoughts on SCC SLICK: "I have always been looking for that one chain lube that you can put on your bike that keeps your drivetrain clean and noise free. SCC Tech has been that chain lube . It does so well in the dusty conditions. With ever other chain lube I would have to lube my chain once ever other ride. I go 5 days on this chain lube. Truly incredible!"


Day Job: "Professional Dirtbag" and Sales at McGhie's Ski, Bike & Board


Instagram:  @nickdrumtb

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Nick's Goods of Choice: Cannondale Bicycles, FasstcoMTB, Handup Gloves, Smith Optics, WTB


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