SCC SLICK's patented formula delivers a superior, long-lasting, all-weather conditions chain lubricant that minimizes friction, preserves drivetrain integrity, is carbon safe, and cleans while you ride. 
SCC SLICK cleans and floats out contamination and lubricates micro crevices of your chain.  After the initial application, simply wipe down the chain with a micro fiber cloth (no degreaser required) to remove internal contaminants floated to your chain's edges.  Bearing surfaces in the chain will stay "slick" while your chain gets cleaner.
What you can expect?:
  • Smoother Functioning Drivetrain- Enhanced chain performance that increases with every ride
  • Silent and Responsive shifting
  • Lube Less - Extended intervals between re-application (typically 3x - 5x longer than other chain lubrication / chain coating products)
  • Clean Less Frequently and in Less Time - SCC SLICK's cleaning and lubricating properties actively remove contamination from your chain requiring only quick, periodic wipe-downs between rides. Deep cleanings go faster with minimal use of harsh drivetrain cleaners and degreasers
  • Minimized buildup on chainrings, cassette, and derailuer pulleys
What's in it?:
  • SCC SLICK contains 4 main elements:
    • A high-quality synthetic lubricant with an extreme pressure (EP) additive that has a bonding, chemical affinity for metal (think of it like a chemical magnet).  The lube stays slick, and on the chain where you need it.  
    • A Penetrant capable of reaching into millionth-inch spaces
    • A Detergent that floats away containments trapped in the micro-crevises of the chain while your ride and brings them to the surface
    • A Dispersant that prevents re-adherence new contaminants into the inner workings of the chain. This makes cleaning as easy as wiping the chain as opposed to the time-consuming and dirty practices of using heavy chemicals and degreasers

 How to Apply (see video below):

What is it?