Ride It Smooth: Hyper-Grease 10oz

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Time to take that smooth ride that only comes from properly serviced hubs, bottom bracket bearings, and suspension  to the next level. SCC TECH Bike proudly presents Ride It Smooth - Hyper Grease.

Several years ago an idea came. What if we took the key element that makes Ride It Slick and Ride It w/ Flow perform with smoothness and ease and incorporated it into a grease that could be used on the internal mechanisms of your bike components, such as the hub ratchet or pawls system, bottom bracket bearings, dropper post and suspension internal mechanics? It would have to be durable, yet light and smooth, it would have to be non-corrosive and play nice with parts made from various materials (such as foam and rubber rings, carbon fiber, and light metals. 

We're proud to say we've done just that.