We regularly hear from athletes requesting entrance into the SCC TECH ambassadorship program, most of which are charismatic with a large social media following, however nearly none of them have used, tested or purchased any of our products and while we appreciate their interest this is an immediate disqualifier. We at SCC TECH believe that all our athletes be able to attest to the performance and value of the products we offer. We proudly stand behind our athletes because they proudly stand behind us.  

Each of our athletes took a chance on SCC Tech, by parting from their vigilant routines and the products they had come accustomed to and ventured to try something new, from a company they had never heard of and made the step to put it to the test on their most prized possessions, their bikes! We value these early adopters; they have taken a chance to be a part of our journey and in return have offered us the opportunity to play a small role in their journey.